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17 November 2017

Loved Teddy Bears ever since I was a lil girl. Teddy Bears are cute, cuddly and adorable.

Teddy Bears is not an uncommon toy. There is no age limit for Teddy Bears and it is one toy that is shown constant love and appreciation.

I wonder where "Teddy" names idea come from. when i google and read in Wikipedia site.. Thats Teddy Bears name from Former United States President "Theodore Roosevelt" whose nickname Teddy.

Teddy Bears is stuffed toy Bear who usually stuffed with soft, white cotton and have smooth and soft fur. now Teddy bears use "fashion" too .. and some designer use teddy bears to get some ideas for Fashion.

In Jakarta, some Teddy Bears Shop sale not only Teddy Bears but also their outfits.. clothes, shoes, hat, and some acceories. my fav Shop is "House of Teddy"  in Senayan city.. i will happy to see all of those stuff.. i want them all sometimes.. but, of course its quite expensive for those stuff. Lucky me as a costume maker i can make some clothes for my Teddy Bears collection. still, i will be happy when I visit to "House of Teddy " In Senayan City

Another thing is Teddy Bears is a gift for any occations. for Bday present, anniversary, valentines etc

Enjoy some photos of Teddy


24 Maret 2017

Saat ini gw berdomisili di Vejle- Denmark. Gw pindah ke Denmark dari tahun 2014, dan tinggal di Vejle.

Vejle itu kota besar urutan ke 9 di Denmark dengan populasi kira-kira 55 ribu orang. Waktu pindah kesini, gw punya cita-cita mau

mengenalkan "Fashion-taste" gw. Tapi akhirnya, belum tercapai juga, karna gw harus sekolah bahasa, sekolah VUC, sekolah

menyetir dan bekerja Part-time di hotel. Bisa dibilang sibuk to the max.

Tapi tetap dong, gw mengamati fashion disini dan observasi. Gw sallu duduk di kafe favorit saya, "Lagkahuset". kafe letaknya

strategis dan letaknya di gågade dan dari salah satu korner menghadap ke tempat penyebrangan. Jadi kalo duduk disana seakan-

akan liat fashion show.

Fashion-taste disini ini dominan dengan penampilan kasual. Jadi smua brand Sport mulai dari Nike, adidas, Puma dll lalu lalang

dimanapun. High heels sangat jarang disini, kecuali acara-acar spesial. Pemilihan warna juga rata-rata mereka suka "Safe Color",

seperti hitam, putih, coklat, biru tua dll. Jadi kalau elu elu pada kesini dan make warna ngejreng, otomatis pada ngeliat, seperti gw.

Gw suka smua warna, tapi untuk outfit selalu dominan dengan warna ngejreng. Kalo di sekolah gw dijuluki "Fashion Girl". Ya iyalah,

gw emang fashion girl.

Kadang gw nerveous juga kalo gw buka bisnis atau kerja dengan company di bidang fashion, bisa masuk ga taste gw. Secara

Vejle bukan kota metropolitan. Well, let we see.

Gw tetap observasi dari butik ke butik, dan mengamati cara orang-orang berpakaian. Sekaligus gw ngenalin diri gw dengan

tetap menjadi diri gw. Tapi memakai "heels gw udah give up, pegeeeeelll bo! Tapi seneng juga siy pake sneaker dan flat shoes.

Tanya kenapa? Gw bisa aktif dan sepedaan. Ughhhh mana bisa di Jakarta. Kadang kebawa juga gw ke arus "Casual-look".

Teeneger Fashion di dominasi dari H&M, produk Swedia ini sukses berat buat kalangan remaja. Ngga hanya dengan harga

terjangkau, tapi juga design-nya up to date. Jadi jangan surprise kalo tiba-tiba kalo di jalan ada yg kembaran. Kalo gw lebih suka

produk Gina Tricot, brand lokal sini. Produknya kasual tapi tetap girly. Harganya juga ngga nguras dompet, jadi amaaannn buat

gw. Untuk produk tas, gw lebih banyak liat rata-rata memilih Michael Kors. Untuk brand mahal yang lain sangat jarang. Bisa di tebak

dong kebanyakan orang-orang Asia lalu lalang pake tas LV.

Untuk pekerja kantoran dan guru-guru disini jg jarang banget yang dress up, rata-rata kasual. Malah ada yg pake sendal

gunung. Hahaha sendal gunung bo, bahasa gw.


20 Desember 2013


Another best experiance of my journey is when I had traveling to Kolkata - India

That's not much to see as I just had short time visit.

And yes I still have time to please my Fashion and make up Passion to go around in public Market there.

But, that´s uneasy to taking some picture as they aren´t happy if i do that.

So, when you plan to go there before taking any picture of them you should asking first. But, still they are friendly people.

As we know, India famous of Saree

Saree is traditional female garment in length from 2 - 9 yards. That´s typically wrapped around the weist, with one end drapped over the shoulder.

Modern Saree now plays with some beads, embroidary and even swarovski to make saree more glamour and expensive.


Accessories is the must fashion item to wear for India Woman

Some India women wearing the accessories because their Culture Tradition or symbol of their believe.

The accessories are :


 India Woman will wearing in many bangles on their two hands. It's can be made by gold, silver, wood, glass or even plastic with in eye catching colors.

 Nose Ring 

 Some of India woman special Hindu's woman have piercing on their nose since they are still baby. They believe it will helps to relief the pain of menstruation, for making sex more fun, and made more easy when they are labour the baby.


  is a tiny accessories. that's put in the middle of the forehead. It's symbol of their relagion or their status of marriage. But, some of the women use bindi for decoratif accessories.


 This is for Marriage woman. That's vermillion red powder put at their head


 is India scraft to cover their head. this long special fabric and soft



28 Desember 2012




Last October i have ordered for new barbie launch collection in Jakarta.

I have to make  9 barbie's costume play (cosplay) for kids age 6years old -15years old. Very quite busy, but i feel happy coz  its feels  like turnback my childhood moment.

Play dressing Barbie doll is one of my fave game when i was kid.

Barbie is Fashion doll who manufactured by the American Toy Company Mattel Inc.

First launched in March, 1959 And as usual, I google to find out about Barbie History http ://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbie.

Barbie full name is Barbara Millicecent Roberts.

Now Barbie is not only about the costume, accesories, bag and shoes but, they release for film series.

Barbie first film series debut in 1987 in " Barbie and the rockers" and  then continue for some films series to the present. The film contain a moral message demonstrated by Barbie.

While I still google about Barbie, I found website is quite famous in Japan and Korea.. www.kotakoti.com A young model girl age 17 years old. Her real name is Dakota. American girl who lives in Japan. Very interesting website .. some videos and photos about fashion, hair and beauty. Some blog says thats not her real face .. but, i dont care about it.. i think shes very smart using photoshop to make her fake barbie face ( if thats not real ) Now, i am become her fans :) You go girl...


17 Oktober 2012


As a makeup artist and stylist , total looks is important to show a proffesionalism and good "selling" .
so, having good and healthy skin is part of this.
I have dry skin type and I have to be "picky" to choose my soap for daily use
I need not only ordinary soap but I need soap with full of moisturizer
Most of the soap removed the oils. Removing that oils makes your skin dryer.
If we are still do that often, thats make our skin looks old.

One solution is to look for the products that suite they are moisturizing. It can leave a layer of moisturizer on the skin. That helps replenish the oils removed.

When I read about Dove White Beauty Bar in magazine, that Dove is not only soap but full of moisturizer.

In first time I try Dove white beauty bar for shower i dont get that awful tight after rinsing the soap also never burns or tingles.
The bar is quite soft, and doesnt get used quite quickly.
And Dove beauty bar can use for face cleanser. its  removes make-up on my face in seconds and i feel fresh.

Dove white beauty bar wont dry out your skin nor leave a film, contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, PH neutral and milder than ordinary soap. Best of all its inexpensive.

So, Dove beauty bar safe for daily use..
Now, i am always carry my mini Dove beauty bar in my beauty case. I can wash my hands more often before and after doing my job. without worry my skin hands will be dry.

And another surprise, Dove beauty bar can cleansing my makeup brushes. Thats very easy to use. The makeup came off  instantly and the brushes returned to their original colours in just a second.. even the white ones.
Once rinse and dry, my brushes super soft and had a pleasure fresh scent.

Sometimes the most simple is the best.. and that means

Dove White Beauty Bar.


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