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09 September 2012


It's not about Xmas Stocking. But, a piece of clothing worn on woman foot and leg, and held up by suspender.


  Stocking is a close-fitting variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. It's made from nylon, silk, cotton, wool and similiar yarns. Before 1920's woman began to wear stockings to cover the exposed legs and using to make legs warmth. But, now... woman wear stocking more for look stylish and legs look sexy. Slip them on and You'll feel like a fox and You'll definitely give your partner some visual plasure :)


  Fashion Stockings are meant to be worn with a garter belt but luckily they are available in hold-up style have bands of elastic at the top of the thight that keep the stocking from rolling down your legs.

Lets have some fun with Stocking...

* Wear the stocking beneath a skirt or dress

* Pull the garter belt up to your hips

* Adjust front straps are 2 inches shorter than the back straps and 1inch shorter than the sides   straps why? it causes a little pull in the front of the stocking. But, prevebts them from showing when You sit down. Now, stocking many variation of color, print, design and diffrent lenght ( available very short lenght )



02 September 2012

When we think whats trends, we always think in Fashion. Well, baking has trends too. The popularity of cupcakes has become a phenomenon.

Did you see the TV programme "DC's Cupcakes" on Starworld channel ? Follow two sisters, Sophie LeMontagne and Katherine Kallinis. They are together running on their own cupcakes Company. That's amazing to see how they're together find out the new design for the cupcakes. And of course they put some Fashion creation on it.

Jakarta can't leave this trends behind. Cupcakes is the hottest baked good around these days. This tasty treat makes the perfect party theme. This party cupcakes can be a decoration the theme of party, can be also the main activity at the party.

I have a friend "Thia Caradonna" who has passion of art and love to cook and baked. She doing amazingly how to create the cakes And cupcakes looks adorable. check her creation of work at TC's Cupcakes on Facebook at http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=325609670794214&slog=1359605968&seq=1760947686&rk=0&fbtype=65&refid=46&m_sess=GOegh-XrcDra9J&ref=stream

Here's some photos of Cupcakes in Fashion


28 Agustus 2012

Last March 2012, Me and girl friends had "Spiritual Journey" to Makkah, Madinnah and Jeddah. It calls "Umro".

Well, even it's about Spiritual Journey as a woman we never left Fashion behind. But, still we choose simple and comfy material.

Makkah and Madinnah now more Modern and very artistic for building architecture Nice exterior and Interior. The lights is full of art concept. I'ts clean and very convinient to walks aroud.

But, for Fashion itself Black and White are dominan Color there. Mostly woman wore an "Abaya".  

Abaya essentially a robe-like dress. Traditional abaya is black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from Shoulder (as caftan ; check my other blog entry about it).

Abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet and hands. Married woman worn with niqab (a face veil ; cover all but not eyes). Some woman choose wear a long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well.

But, Now Abaya looks more variety and stylish. Its design with lace, emroidery, swarovski and some other expensive material.

Abaya price is quite expensive there, but some made in China.. no wonder right? :)

For simple abaya cost about $40 and up


Check it my photos of me and friends there...















16 Agustus 2012



Since i've seen Mia Maestro on the 100 Sexiest Woman lists of both Stuff and Maxim magazines in 2001's. I was thingking when i can get great opportunity work with her in a photoshoot, finger crossed Kiss 


Well, let we see her Profile and Biography then..

Mia Maestro is another Multitalented Latina who was born in Bueno Aires, Argentina in 1978.

Musician, dancer, and actress Mia Maestro studied the arts in Argentina until age of 18. 

This sexy Argentine known as Nadia Santos in The Television Drama Alias. Maestro accumulated a selection of impressive Film credit debut in Tanggo (1998) which would receive Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for Best Foreign Langauage Film.

Another Gig profile of her acting are Time Code (with Salma Hayek, 2000's), Hotel (with Lucy Liu, 2001's), Frida (with Ashley Judd, 2002's) etc. And finally she's plays as Carmen Denali in Fenomenal films Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2. And She also recordered the song LIover for the Breaking Dawn part 1 Soundtrack.

As a singer-songwriter, she has performance in Los Angeles, California, New York. Lately, she just released new Album Igloo with new single Bewitch. Her character voice is light, elegant and strong. She's written this song inspired from Black Orchid Fragrance which is very mysterious and sexy smell. Maestro always concern with any details for every song's concept. And Mia Maestro always giving sweet puzzle for every song she made. She's very passionate written Bewitch in first arrangement she feel not satisfied and she kept try and try until get the best result. I think Bewitch is Master piece. 


Now you can enjoy Bewitch in some Famous radio in  Jakarta , it's quite often plays in Jakarta’s radio

As Mia Maestro says Bewitch is very mysterious..curious wanna hear this song? Just visit her website and you can see Mia Maestro profile while you listening and feel her spell of exotic single.


13 Agustus 2012

Caftan or Kaftan is from Persia (xaftan) with front-buttoned long coat or overdress with long sleeves. Kaftan is associated with Islamic or Islamicate culture. Mostly kaftan worn by Eastern Mediteranean people, also North and West Asia. Kaftan now become "needed item" in Jakarta, Indonesia. Especially in Ramadhan and Muslim New Year. Kaftan is now develope into more variety of styles and details. With cutting, drapery, stone, swarovski, embroidery and so on. And kaftan modified in shorter lenght so, its more casual.

Some tips How to wear Kaftan

* You can wear short simple kaftan as an outwear at beach. Kaftan can layer your swimsuit and cover your skin from sun. and you can looks more edgy and stylish. Choose comfortable material for this. Mix with your sexy sandals and bright accesories and complete with cute bag.

* For evening, You can choose short or long kaftan with glimmering with the details of stone, swarovski or fantastic embroidary. Velvet or silk is suitable material for this. And for final touching you can use set of bangles and a pair festive earing. And dont forget your sexy heels shows your nice nail color.

* For casual look use your short - length kaftan with skinny jeans or short and dont forget your sexy sandals.. but, you can also use heels for feminim looks. simple long nacklace could be nice to complete your looks.


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