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15 Juni 2012

As a Makeup Artist, quality of the brushes is important to give perfect result.

But, in daily use no matter how many make-up brushes we have. We tend to use same ones over and over again.

The simple brushes that we can use daily....

Concealer Brush

My favorite is M.A.C 263, its help to make concealer look obvious especially in darkness under the eyes, over pimples and on the sides of the nose.

Powder Brush

It's make easier when You apply dust powder on T-zone. So, it's not spread up every where

Flat Eye Shadow Brush

It's make your eye shadow look great and blending perfectly. Many diffrent size and design of eye shadow brush.

Pointy Eyeliner Brush

It's good when You use gel eyeliner, make it easier for applying

Blush Brush

That's round, not tapered and gives best glow. Fluffy brushes and my favorite is M.A.C 116

How To Clean?

Investing in your make-up brushes can be a big initial cost but, it's worth it. I will clean my make-up brushes every two weeks. But, i always quicky clean the make-up brushes after using with baby swap tissue... easy, quick and cheap.

Definetly Yes!! You also have to clean perfectly for sure. You can use brush cleaner or You can use Baby Shampoo. My favorite is Johnsons baby Shampoo.

Here's some picture for guide you to do.....


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09 Juni 2012

We can't denied what happen with all singers style. Especially for our Idol singer. We always trying to copies their look. 

We love their music and We want their clotes. Here's some girls that You can steal their style looks that You need on Your style pod.



The Girl : Rihanna. Cibelle, Jessie J.....

The Look : Bold colours and bright, prints, bling of jewellery, mix and match the colours

The Sound : Hip Hop, R' n 'B




The Girls : Janelle Monae, Coco Summer.....

The Look : Monochrome, Androgynous, simple skinny trousers, Boy blazer, bow tie and braces, white shirt, flat shoes with socks

The Sound : Dance and Electro




The Girls : Taylor Momsen. Anna Calvi, Karen O

The Look : Leather in any style. shape, black dreses, tights, fingerless gloves, a lot of zips   and studs, Accessories with big ring, Black Kohl on eyes

The Sound : Loud Gitars, Bass


70's LOOKS

The Girls : Laura Marling, Taylor Swift, Florence Welch....

The Looks : It's all about peace & Floating maxis dress, Feathered accesories, Daisley prints,   Flowery prints

The Sound : Country   



The Girls : Lady Gaga, Natallie Killis......

The Looks : Unique, art, big accesories, colour full, noisy pattern, nail art, Fun

Te Sound : Pop/Dance



The Girl : Avril Lavigne

The Looks : Skirt, sneakers, tie, square pattern, T-shirt

The Sound : Pop Rock, Punk PoP



The Girls : Beyonce, Mariah Carey....

Te Looks : Sexy, Glamour, Silk, Blig bling, 

The Sound : Pop


Picture Sources : Google

02 Juni 2012

Nail Art is part of Fashionista....

Well, if you get bored with one color on your nail now you have many option with Nail Art. From simple design until crazy, interesting and unique design.

Even in some Runway, Videoclip until Photoshoot the Stylist and Designer will not forget about the nail. For example in Lady Gaga's Videoclip.. amazing Nail Art. Thanks to Lady Gaga who's show us about how intelligent and amazing Fashion art is.

The variation of Technic Nail art is : French manicure, Dotting, Marble, Sponge, Painting, Accrylic, UV, Stamping, 3D Basic, Sticker, Dry Flower, Metallic Flower, Lace, Foll shape and many more.

Friend's of mine who doing this art Wenny says about start price is Rp 300.000 and up ..

You can see her work at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nychia-Nail-Art/251447771574213

Here's some site recommend of Nail art design



And if You want to learn about this you can check it at :www.kursus-nail-art.blogspot.com

Chack it out some design from Wenny ...


30 Mei 2012

As a "player" we should brave enough to break the rules wearing Fashion. Especially Color and Pattern. 

Lately, the trend it call shocking color or neon color is bright color in the dark..


Well, i am always fun to play mix and match with shocking color...

But, you should carefully when you trying to put many of diffrent shocking color in the same time.


Neon Color is Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, blue, white, orange, green ad purple.

Here's color chart.....


So, are You ready to put your color-matching to good use?


17 Mei 2012

Since Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc are part of socialite life. Everybody love to taking their picture and put it on their account. Share their moment story of the pictures to family and friends.. even their fans :)

Relize or not, You will do the same pose everytime you taking picture. 

Here's my Signature Pose........


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