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04 Mei 2012

Trick or Treat !!!

Halloween is tradition from England who celebrate every 31 october nite. The word itself, "Halloween," actually origins from Catholic

Holloween identic with ghost, magic, Goblin and anything scary and creepy. But, now Halloween more like as entertaint and just for fun. Some places use this moment for costume compatition.

Even more fun in Jakarta.. more scary as you know Indonesian ghost more "attractive" in scary thing. Hantu Pocong, Sundel bolong, Kuntil anak etc.

In these photos i played as "Cat Woman" Miaooowwwww....



04 Mei 2012

I am crazy of anything about Skull. Opposite of my Signature Style as girly.

I think Skull is unique item for Fashion..


Here's some of acceories... 


03 Mei 2012

In the socialite life, Dresscode for special moment is a Must.

Dresscode can be about color, accesories or unique concept.


So, invitation should be at least a month before. So, all the guests can prepare to fulfill for DressCode thing. 

In goodway, Dresscode can capture nice picture in photographs.

In difficultway, I say it's difficult because we have spend extra money for Dresscode.


In my side, I dont mind about Dresscode. So, I can playing with it and showing my signature style. And I can get graet picture of it with special friends in special moment.

Here's some photos of mine and friends in Special Moment...


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