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02 September 2012

When we think whats trends, we always think in Fashion. Well, baking has trends too. The popularity of cupcakes has become a phenomenon.

Did you see the TV programme "DC's Cupcakes" on Starworld channel ? Follow two sisters, Sophie LeMontagne and Katherine Kallinis. They are together running on their own cupcakes Company. That's amazing to see how they're together find out the new design for the cupcakes. And of course they put some Fashion creation on it.

Jakarta can't leave this trends behind. Cupcakes is the hottest baked good around these days. This tasty treat makes the perfect party theme. This party cupcakes can be a decoration the theme of party, can be also the main activity at the party.

I have a friend "Thia Caradonna" who has passion of art and love to cook and baked. She doing amazingly how to create the cakes And cupcakes looks adorable. check her creation of work at TC's Cupcakes on Facebook at http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=325609670794214&slog=1359605968&seq=1760947686&rk=0&fbtype=65&refid=46&m_sess=GOegh-XrcDra9J&ref=stream

Here's some photos of Cupcakes in Fashion