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09 September 2012


It's not about Xmas Stocking. But, a piece of clothing worn on woman foot and leg, and held up by suspender.


  Stocking is a close-fitting variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. It's made from nylon, silk, cotton, wool and similiar yarns. Before 1920's woman began to wear stockings to cover the exposed legs and using to make legs warmth. But, now... woman wear stocking more for look stylish and legs look sexy. Slip them on and You'll feel like a fox and You'll definitely give your partner some visual plasure :)


  Fashion Stockings are meant to be worn with a garter belt but luckily they are available in hold-up style have bands of elastic at the top of the thight that keep the stocking from rolling down your legs.

Lets have some fun with Stocking...

* Wear the stocking beneath a skirt or dress

* Pull the garter belt up to your hips

* Adjust front straps are 2 inches shorter than the back straps and 1inch shorter than the sides   straps why? it causes a little pull in the front of the stocking. But, prevebts them from showing when You sit down. Now, stocking many variation of color, print, design and diffrent lenght ( available very short lenght )