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17 Oktober 2012


As a makeup artist and stylist , total looks is important to show a proffesionalism and good "selling" .
so, having good and healthy skin is part of this.
I have dry skin type and I have to be "picky" to choose my soap for daily use
I need not only ordinary soap but I need soap with full of moisturizer
Most of the soap removed the oils. Removing that oils makes your skin dryer.
If we are still do that often, thats make our skin looks old.

One solution is to look for the products that suite they are moisturizing. It can leave a layer of moisturizer on the skin. That helps replenish the oils removed.

When I read about Dove White Beauty Bar in magazine, that Dove is not only soap but full of moisturizer.

In first time I try Dove white beauty bar for shower i dont get that awful tight after rinsing the soap also never burns or tingles.
The bar is quite soft, and doesnt get used quite quickly.
And Dove beauty bar can use for face cleanser. its  removes make-up on my face in seconds and i feel fresh.

Dove white beauty bar wont dry out your skin nor leave a film, contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, PH neutral and milder than ordinary soap. Best of all its inexpensive.

So, Dove beauty bar safe for daily use..
Now, i am always carry my mini Dove beauty bar in my beauty case. I can wash my hands more often before and after doing my job. without worry my skin hands will be dry.

And another surprise, Dove beauty bar can cleansing my makeup brushes. Thats very easy to use. The makeup came off  instantly and the brushes returned to their original colours in just a second.. even the white ones.
Once rinse and dry, my brushes super soft and had a pleasure fresh scent.

Sometimes the most simple is the best.. and that means

Dove White Beauty Bar.