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17 November 2017

Loved Teddy Bears ever since I was a lil girl. Teddy Bears are cute, cuddly and adorable.

Teddy Bears is not an uncommon toy. There is no age limit for Teddy Bears and it is one toy that is shown constant love and appreciation.

I wonder where "Teddy" names idea come from. when i google and read in Wikipedia site.. Thats Teddy Bears name from Former United States President "Theodore Roosevelt" whose nickname Teddy.

Teddy Bears is stuffed toy Bear who usually stuffed with soft, white cotton and have smooth and soft fur. now Teddy bears use "fashion" too .. and some designer use teddy bears to get some ideas for Fashion.

In Jakarta, some Teddy Bears Shop sale not only Teddy Bears but also their outfits.. clothes, shoes, hat, and some acceories. my fav Shop is "House of Teddy"  in Senayan city.. i will happy to see all of those stuff.. i want them all sometimes.. but, of course its quite expensive for those stuff. Lucky me as a costume maker i can make some clothes for my Teddy Bears collection. still, i will be happy when I visit to "House of Teddy " In Senayan City

Another thing is Teddy Bears is a gift for any occations. for Bday present, anniversary, valentines etc

Enjoy some photos of Teddy