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28 Desember 2012




Last October i have ordered for new barbie launch collection in Jakarta.

I have to make  9 barbie's costume play (cosplay) for kids age 6years old -15years old. Very quite busy, but i feel happy coz  its feels  like turnback my childhood moment.

Play dressing Barbie doll is one of my fave game when i was kid.

Barbie is Fashion doll who manufactured by the American Toy Company Mattel Inc.

First launched in March, 1959 And as usual, I google to find out about Barbie History http ://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbie.

Barbie full name is Barbara Millicecent Roberts.

Now Barbie is not only about the costume, accesories, bag and shoes but, they release for film series.

Barbie first film series debut in 1987 in " Barbie and the rockers" and  then continue for some films series to the present. The film contain a moral message demonstrated by Barbie.

While I still google about Barbie, I found website is quite famous in Japan and Korea.. www.kotakoti.com A young model girl age 17 years old. Her real name is Dakota. American girl who lives in Japan. Very interesting website .. some videos and photos about fashion, hair and beauty. Some blog says thats not her real face .. but, i dont care about it.. i think shes very smart using photoshop to make her fake barbie face ( if thats not real ) Now, i am become her fans :) You go girl...