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20 Desember 2013


Another best experiance of my journey is when I had traveling to Kolkata - India

That's not much to see as I just had short time visit.

And yes I still have time to please my Fashion and make up Passion to go around in public Market there.

But, that´s uneasy to taking some picture as they aren´t happy if i do that.

So, when you plan to go there before taking any picture of them you should asking first. But, still they are friendly people.

As we know, India famous of Saree

Saree is traditional female garment in length from 2 - 9 yards. That´s typically wrapped around the weist, with one end drapped over the shoulder.

Modern Saree now plays with some beads, embroidary and even swarovski to make saree more glamour and expensive.


Accessories is the must fashion item to wear for India Woman

Some India women wearing the accessories because their Culture Tradition or symbol of their believe.

The accessories are :


 India Woman will wearing in many bangles on their two hands. It's can be made by gold, silver, wood, glass or even plastic with in eye catching colors.

 Nose Ring 

 Some of India woman special Hindu's woman have piercing on their nose since they are still baby. They believe it will helps to relief the pain of menstruation, for making sex more fun, and made more easy when they are labour the baby.


  is a tiny accessories. that's put in the middle of the forehead. It's symbol of their relagion or their status of marriage. But, some of the women use bindi for decoratif accessories.


 This is for Marriage woman. That's vermillion red powder put at their head


 is India scraft to cover their head. this long special fabric and soft