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04 Oktober 2013

Talent Indah,

Taken by Paulus Tanu

@OverLook Studio, Jakarta


13 Agustus 2013

Here's random photos of my other work.. My Fashion Design and some clients in my collection

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Some Kaftans and Muslim dresses order


Vina's Family in my Design Collection 


Ade's one of my fav Client 


Some Dresses orders 


Lovely Annisa in My Collection For Her Animal Prints Birthday Party at Borobudur Hotel 


Dresses Orders from Wulan 


Betsy's the singer in My Collection on her TV Performace

05 Juni 2013

The Photoshoot made for Photographer Profile..

Talent :Riri Mickey

Photographer : Felix Gading

Lighting : Felix Gading

Location : OverLook Studio, Jakarta


04 Juni 2013

Maria Eriksson is a Model from England

Playboy 100 sexiest woman 2010



Photo Taken by Paulus Tanu

@OverLook Studio, Jakarta


11 November 2012


Gothic is always interested to shoot..

Gothic could be weird, creepy, fashion or even beauty 

I am always fun if I made Gothic concept.. more fun to explore in many ways

Here random Photos of my works

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