dinda feb portfolio
02 Juni 2011

Sarah is a Local model with big talent

Photo taken by Nelly Putnam. She is one of the great Photographer with good passion and very talented and She is very Stylish.

@DC Studio, Jakarta

02 Juni 2011

The concept inspired from Geisha mix with western..

Taken by Helza Mahyudi

@50MM Studio


02 Juni 2011

When the art have  no any rules

The Proffessional Model Rhessa Runtu

Taken by Ferry Elvery

@OverLook Studio, Jakarta


01 Juni 2011

Talent Marina, she's from Russia..

Taken by Faisal Bustami and Teh Rina

Lighting Rio

@50MM Studio, Jakarta

01 Juni 2011

Talent Astari Aslam

Taken by Rio and Faisal Bustami

@Kota Tua, Jakarta


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