dinda feb portfolio
01 Maret 2012

The unique side of The Photographer Felix Gading who has great sense of art..

Talent : Claudia

@OverLook Studio, Jakarta

25 Oktober 2011

The Sexy Avatar played by Riri Mickey as a Professional Talent

Taken by Paulus Tanu

@OverLook Studio


03 Agustus 2011

Laticia Feifer is Talent from Russia who stay in China

The Fashion Photographer Paulus Tanu

@Babe Studio, Jakarta


10 Juli 2011

The Excotic Of Talent Hanie Banie in Pinky Style...

Taken by Paulus Tanu

OverLooK Studio, Marina Ancol Jakarta

30 Juni 2011

The Wardrobe made by sintatic hair...

Talent Astari Aslam

Photo n Lighting taken by Felix Gading


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