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23 Maret 2017

Fashion and Colors is united

05 Desember 2015

In Jakarta, Prewedding Photoshoot is the most a thing, that the couple willing to do when they will get Marriage.


Mostly the concpets for the photos are unique and fun.. showing their Love and Happiness


Prewedding Photoshoot very interesting and it will takes long shots cause its difficult to take two people who are difrent in one frame. Its always waiting for couple to feel convinient or cofident to do with some poses and give best expression.


As usual the photos will be showing in their Wedding Party and some will print to their invitation card.


Here some random Photos of my work for Preweddingshot.

Photographer : Noy Husain (Adiza Photography)

04 Februari 2014

Ethnic is never die.. Reborn with new generation.

Talent Sari R

taken by Teh Rina


04 Oktober 2013

Talent Indah,

Taken by Paulus Tanu

@OverLook Studio, Jakarta


13 Agustus 2013

Here's random photos of my other work.. My Fashion Design and some clients in my collection

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Some Kaftans and Muslim dresses order


Vina's Family in my Design Collection 


Ade's one of my fav Client 


Some Dresses orders 


Lovely Annisa in My Collection For Her Animal Prints Birthday Party at Borobudur Hotel 


Dresses Orders from Wulan 


Betsy's the singer in My Collection on her TV Performace

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